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What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is an online ESL company that teaches English to Chinese students typically ages 3-12.  They are well known company in the industry with over 60,000 teachers in the USA and Canada.

Teachers log in to the VIPKID website or APP to access the online classroom.  They teach a 25 minute class to one student at a time. The lessons are prepared for the teacher and require minimal prep time.  Teachers are expected to complete a short evaluation form after each class.


Requirements to Apply:

Native speaker eligible to work in US or Canada

Bachelor's degree in anything

One year experience with children

Access to a computer with audio and video capabilities (teachers can now also use an IPAD!)

Headset with microphone

Stable internet connection


Available hours:

Teachers are able to open 30 minute slots between 9am-10pm BJT (8pm-9am EST).  Teachers may open as many or as few classes as they would like each week. Students may book classes up to two weeks in advance.



Base pay ranges from $7-9 per 25 minute class.  Your base pay is determined by your experience and demo lesson performance.

Teachers are eligible for a $1-2 bonus per class

Teachers are eligible for a $2 short notice bonus for accepting classes under 24 hours.

Pay is sent by the 15th of each month for work done in the previous month.

You are an independent contractor and will be responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year.


Hiring Process:

Follow my referral link to fill out a basic application form: -or- enter my code BRETT0002

By using my referral link or code you will be given exclusive access to materials and resources to help you get hired!

You will be able to schedule a live interview or complete a recorded interview lesson:

  1. SMART Interview:  This is the fastest and easiest way to interview.  You will need to download the VIPKID App on to your Ipad or smart phone.  You will review some training material and take a 5 question quiz covering the basic aspects of being a VIPKID teacher.  You will then record your demo lesson (2 ½ minutes long max, only teaching 1 slide ). Shortly after submission you will receive your results!

  2. Recorded Demo:  You can choose to do a recorded demo which will be a 10 minute lesson.  The lesson will be recorded in the actual classroom. You will just enter the classroom and pretend a student is there well you go through the lesson.  Shortly after recording you will receive your results!

  3. Live Interview:  This will be the traditional live interview with a VIPKID Interviewer.  It lasts about 30 minutes and includes a 10 minute lesson.