• Teacher Brett


I distinctly remember a time during law school searching through my couch cushions in order to round up enough money to head to Taco Bell for a .69 soft taco because i had another week until I got paid from my part time minimum wage job that I worked at the time. Although I can laugh about it now that feeling of living paycheck to paycheck can be stressful and overwhelming. Since I started teaching English online i have never had to worry about whether I can afford what I need. If I need more money for the bills that month or I want to do something fun I can simply add more classes to my schedule! Today I walked into the grocery store and bought food for my family of six, there was no calculating in my head whether I would have enough to pay for everything we needed. if I saw something that looked good I threw it in the cart. My 4 year old even got to pick a candy at the end. @kelly_teaches asked over on Instagram today why we gogokid. This is my why! Are you ready to join me? #whyigogokid

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