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VIPKID introduces a new Smart Interview option!

VIPKID has introduced a new option for the hiring process called the SMART Interview. This is a very quick option to complete and pass the interview stage! If you are looking for help through the hiring process at VIPKID, be sure to use my referral link or code (BRETT0002) so I can provide you with more resources and assistance!

First you will need to fill out the basic application, see the instructions below:

After completing and passing the basic info section you will want to download the VIPKID App (you can also complete the above application directly on the app if you prefer), it looks like this:

After downloading the app you will need to login using your email and password created during the basic info application stage. Once logged in you will see your Application Status:

Click on the Demo Lesson to complete the SMART DEMO. You will have two sections: Introduction and Materials.

Introduction- You will want to read through the introduction to understand the 3 steps in the SMART Demo:

1. Complete a 5 question quiz covering the information found in the materials section. You will have 90 seconds for each question.

2. Complete the recording session. You will have one slide to teach during the recording. The maximum length to teach the slide is 2minutes and 30 seconds.

3. After completing the recording you will receive your results based on your performance.

Materials- In the materials section you will find information regarding the 5 key aspects of online ESL teaching they will be looking for during the demo:

1. Lesson Objectives

2. Repetition

3. Speaking Speed and Language

4. Total Physical Response (TPR)

5. Modeling

Each section will provide you with information and a short video example to watch. Be sure to review these materials in order to pass the 5 question quiz!

Once you feel comfortable with the information in the material section you will click the "Start the Smart Demo Lesson" button. It will ask you 5 questions about the material you reviewed and then the 6th question will be where you complete the demo recording. You have 90 seconds for each of the 5 questions and 2.5 minutes of recording time for the demo lesson. Before beginning your recording you will be given a slide to teach and a sample recording to watch. The slide you are teaching may not be the same as someone else, so be prepared to grab a prop or whiteboard before beginning. If you exit the SMART Demo before completing you will need to restart the quiz and may get a new slide to teach.

When you are ready to begin the recording click "Start Recording" and record yourself teaching the slide. You will want to prop your phone up at a good angle so they can see your TPR and props as well as have good lighting.

After submitting your recording VIPKID will review it and provide you with your results.


Once you pass the SMART DEMO, you will move on to the certification center.

If you don't have a referring teacher helping you navigate the hiring process be sure to add my code BRETT002 before recording your demo lesson so I can help you get hired! You can reach out to me at teachggk@gmail.com or head over to my VIPKID website as well!

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