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Using Nearpod in the Virtual Classroom

With so many teachers on a forced break from the Coronavirus, I am seeing a lot of panicked teachers as they try and figure out how to digitize their curriculum and provide students with learning opportunities at home. One of the programs I have been using in the virtual classroom is Nearpod, Nearpod is a platform that allows you to provide students with lessons digitally. These lessons can either be done as a live lesson (using Zoom, google hangouts or any other meeting software if not in a physical classroom) or student paced where the student can do them on their own time from anywhere they have internet.

Right now as of 3/14/2020 Nearpod is offering free subscriptions to teachers effected by closures, go to nearpod.com/coronavirus for more information. The silver membership is ALWAYS free and allows you to do the live lessons, student paced lessons are only available with the paid version. They also have a ton of pre-made lessons available at both the free and paid membership levels which are great for assigning to students for extra practice.

I have made a video talking about the basics of getting started in Nearpod and hope to have some more detailed lessons available for those interested in learning more! Be sure to check it out and like and subscribe as well as hitting the notification bell to get notified of future videos.

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