• Teacher Brett

Snow Day Struggles as a Single Working Mom

This morning started off as a two hour delay for my kids and quickly turned into an entire snow day. 5 kids stuck at home with a momma who has an entire day filled with classes, workshops and appointments online.

Don’t get me wrong having an online job is a total blessing. I can’t imagine being a typical 9-5 working mom and being hit with a snow day and nowhere to send the kids. Having to call out of work frequently for all of the appointments, emergencies, and daily stuff with kids (especially those still in the foster care system) was one of the main reasons I was looking for an online or stay at home job. That being said I WORK FROM HOME!

So having all the kids home is a challenge. They want to go out in the snow, 5 min later they want to come in. There are snow suits and mittens to put on, boots and hats that can’t seem to be found. It is a mess. Kids cooped up inside arguing with each other and wanting snacks constantly. It is a lot to manage by yourself while also trying to get work done. I can’t even stick them in front of the TV or on electronics all day because it taxes my internet and I need a good connection to do what I need to do. But we have survived. My house is a disaster and I’m ready to go to bed.....but alas it is only 4pm. Time to make dinner for everyone and hopefully get them to bed early because I have classes from 9pm- midnight. Just my luck it already looks like tomorrow will once again be.......a snow day.

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