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Snow Day # 2 Gratitudes!

Well here we are on snow day #2.....my house is a disaster, the kids are going a little crazy, and I’m still trying to work. So instead of feeling overwhelmed I cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer. We are eating through all the food and I reminded myself how thankful we should be to live in a house full of food. Being snowed in for two days barely puts a dent in it! My refridgerator has never looked this clean and my freezer is well on its way. Here’s what we have eaten over our snow days:


Baked Oatmeal from the freezer

Pancakes from the freezer

Bacon and Sausage



ate through all the Yogurts that needed to go and the fruit cups and the cheese sticks!

Finished up the apples and oranges

Made smoothies with the frozen strawberries and bananas, have about one bag left in the freezer.



Mac and Cheese

Fruit and Yogurt

Pretzels and Chips

boiled Eggs


Ribs, Tatertot/Cheese/Ham side dish, bagged Ceasar Salad


I have pretty much cleaned out the Fridge and Freezer and got rid of some pantry stuff this week 🙌🙌. It was perfect timing because I’m planning on showing you our grocery haul and meal plan for March and needed to make room!

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