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New Laptop!

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

This past week led to a complete classroom overhaul just in time for summer! I decided it was time to get a new computer as mine has been running slowly and doesn't have much space or power. I finally moved away from the $3-400 range and splurged a little to ensure I could get something with an i7 processor and more RAM. Lucky for me I read a couple of articles about some serious discounts for the Microsoft Surface Laptops. A new model is being released so the older models are a huge savings now. The one I bought was about 50% off its normal price. I am absolutely loving it so far. It is much faster and I've been able to download all of my programs on to it without it slowing me down in the classroom.

As more and more Online ESL Companies are moving to more interactive platforms it is really necessary to have a powerful laptop/computer to handle all of the graphics and interactive features. Many companies are moving to there own separate platform download as well. This is especially necessary if you are looking to run any supplementary programs like Manycam/Camtwist within the platforms as well. It takes A LOT out of your computer!

I've put the link to the laptop I've purchased so you can check it out! What computer are you using??

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