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New Hiring Process Announced at GOGOKID

A new hiring process has been announced at Gogokid beginning August 22, 2019. Feel free to comment below with any questions about the new process or reach out to use me as a referral and I can help you through!

STEP #1: Basic Application

The first step in the hiring process is to fill out the basic application. Make sure you have followed my link or put my code (4GZJ7GKA) in the basic application when it asks how you heard about Gogokid. This will connect you to me throughout the referral process so that I can provide you with materials, resources and coaching in order to pass! Pay close attention to the application questions, if you answer them incorrectly it will not allow you to move forward. If you are a USA or Canadian citizen you will NOT need assistance in obtaining a H-1 Visa. If you feel you meet the requirements and did not pass the basic application, please contact me so we can figure out why and have you reapply.

STEP #2: Interview

Once you pass the basic application you will be invited to schedule an interview. You can schedule the interview directly on the platform. If there are no spots available check back frequently as spots open constantly and people cancel often. You may also receive an email invitation to do a recorded interview demo instead of the live interview option. This is by invite only. Neither option is better than the other so chose whichever you would prefer if you are given the option. If you have used me as your referrer you will have access to my free e-course which will walk you through the interview and provide helpful tips and information. It is very important you understand what they are looking for in the interview! This is not something you want to "wing" even if you are an experienced teacher! Most people will either pass or fail the interview, however there are occasions where Gogokid will ask you to come back and try a second interview if they believe you have potential. If you do not pass the interview, please contact me so we can discuss reapplying.

STEP #3: Orientation

Upon passing the interview you will receive instructions on completing the Orientation. The first step in the Orientation process is a video series covering the policies and procedures for Gogokid and a short quiz you will complete. Upon passing the Orientation Quiz you will schedule a One-to-Many live workshop where one of the Gogokid coaches will guide you through some additional training on the classroom, ESL skills, and expectations at Gogokid. There will be an associated quiz that you must pass as well. The last step in the Orientation process will be to conduct an hour long Mock Class with one of the Gogokid trainers. During this Mock Class you will teach two 10 minute demo lessons and the trainer will provide you with feedback and suggestions. You will need to pass this Mock Class to move forward so it is very important that you have prepared and do your best.

STEP #4: Upload Documents

You will then need to upload the required documents which include a drivers license/passport, any certifications or teaching licenses and degree/transcripts for Gogokid. Then 3 pictures, short intro video, and a bio paragraph about your experience for parents.

STEP #5: Sign your Contract

Once everything has been approved you will sign your contract and can begin opening class slots.

Check out my website www.applytogogokid.com for more information on the hiring process!

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