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There is a new demo lesson at Gogokid, so that means a new prop pack that you can snag for free on my TeacherspayTeachers page!

Head over here to print out the pack for free: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gogokid-Demo-Lesson-Prop-Pack-6169065

The current process is a little different from before, all interviews are currently being recorded. Which means you will not have a live interviewer at this time. You will log into your scheduled interview time and record yourself teaching the lesson to an imaginary student. The lesson itself is only 5 minutes long. You will have time before the lesson to discuss your experience, qualifications, and expectations before you start teaching. Make sure to use that time and talk about how great you are, feel free to brag on yourself! When you teach the lesson remember you only have a few minutes, you need to make those count! You MUST use props, you MUST have good lighting and a educational background, you MUST be happy and energetic in order to pass!

Keep your eye on my YouTube channel for a new demo video coming soon.

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