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March Once a Month Shopping Haul

Head on over to my YouTube to see the grocery haul for this month.

With the unplanned addition of kiddo #5 this fall things got a little crazy and chaotic. My “normal” routines went out the window and survival mode was the name of the game. However, now that things have settled I’m trying to get the house (and my life) back in order!

This month my plan is to only shop one time for the majority of things we will need. I will stop in and grab milk at the local Amish farm as it is needed and will likely make one smaller grocery trip to grab some fresh produce in the middle of the month, but that’s it!

i started by making my meal plan for the month after surveying what I already had in the pantry and freezers and then filling in the gaps with what my family likes. Once I had a plan, I made my shopping list. I wanted to try a discount grocery store I had heard about that is about 40 min away from me, an online pick up order from Walmart, and then I knew I would stop in our local grocery store for their meat sale. They have an incredible sale once every few months on ground beef and chicken breasts and I like to stock up for a few months at a time.

Our first stop was the discount grocery store called “Sharp Shopper”. It was amazing! So glad I made the trip up there. My kids were especially happy because I ended up getting a lot of snack foods, haha! Now you do have to be careful because most of the food is discounted because it is close to the expiration date, so check the labels! However, we will eat through this all in the month so it will be fine. We ended up with two carts and a lot of stares from other customers, but we got a ton of food for $237. I’m hoping to make a lot of this last through the following month as well (if I can keep the kids out of it)!

We took the foof back to the house and unloaded it, put it all away, and then I ran up the street for he meat sale at my local store. I ended up with 30lbs ground beef, 20lbs chicken breasts, 10lbs chicken thighs, 10 lbs hamburger beef patties, and 5lb ground Pork (not on sale but I needed it for meatballs I will be making for the freezer this month).

Came home and unloaded the meat and put it in the freezer. Then I did my Walmart online pick up order for anything we had left on our list and scheduled it for pick up the next day when we were out that way for basketball games.

And there you have it folks, food for a month!

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