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Magic Rewards Monday: Blocks

I was still in vacation mode this morning after taking a week off for the Chinese New Year holiday. So when I had to go back to teaching the baobao's this morning my creativity may not have exactly been on point. However, this turned out fantastic as a secondary reward system!

I had some foam blocks I had gotten awhile back at the dollar store that were laying around my desk. I threw them into my Gogokid hat and every time I gave a star I would close my eyes and pull out a block. This allowed us to practice counting and our colors as we looked at each block. I would then hold my hand in front of the camera and stack the new block on top of the others in the tower. Each time I would make a big deal of trying not to make the tower fall over. By the end I had a stack of five and i let them fall, which brought tons of laughter and fun into the class!

Just remember your reward can be super simple and still make magic in your classroom! Any time you can extend the class by counting, going over colors, or practicing the lesson vocabulary with your secondary reward system it is a win-win. What props are you using in your online esl classroom (VIPKID, Gogokid, etc)? I'd love to hear in the comments! Be sure to check out my youtube for more great secondary reward systems.

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