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Magic Handkerchief

Have you ever had a student that you just couldn’t get engaged in the lesson? You know the stoic type that sits and repeats but doesn’t ever crack a smile? Well I have the prop for you!

This Magic handkerchief was recommended in one of my gogokid Facebook groups a couple of months ago and it has been amazing in my classroom!

I have used it to talk about or review colors or just to catch a students attention and get them back into my class.

You can order it off Amazon for $6.99 right now and you get TWO, share one with your kids or a fellow teacher! Just follow this link:


This is a perfect prop to throw into your travel or emergency bag and take with you because you can scrunch it up into a tiny space or just tie it around a bag handle!

Check out my latest YouTube video to see the Magic Handkerchief and head over to my channel to have a chance to win your own handkerchief prop by Subscribing, Liking and Commenting on this YouTube video!

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