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How to schedule with multiple companies or positions!

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Once upon a time I worked for VIPKID, I woke up in the morning, taught a few classes, and called it a day. Those were the days! Then I added a secondary position. Then I added another company. Then I added more secondary positions. At one point I was trying to manage 5 different schedules and crossing my fingers I wouldn’t double book myself when scheduling across multiple platforms.

Today I want to share with you a quick and easy tip on how I create my schedule now to ensure I don’t double book and have to cancel a class.

I print 2 blank 24/7 weekly calendars that break the week down into 30 minute increments (you can find one here: 24/7 SCHEDULE ). Then I place these calendars back to back inside a sleeve.

I found these at the dollar store, but you could use any clear sleeve or laminate them. I pick a different color for each job or position. Then simply color in the slots that you open with each company or position. You can easily erase or add slots throughout the week if you change your schedule!

You can do the same thing if you are technically inclined, but I prefer the hard copy method :).

Let me know how you keep track of your schedule and if this method works for you!

Check out my below YouTube video for more details on how I schedule with multiple companies:

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