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How I got a TNS on the last weekend of the month and forgave myself....kinda.

The dreaded TNS. It happened. I survived.

For those that don't already know a TNS means Teacher No Show. As an online ESL teacher a TNS means you didn't come to class. Just left your student there wondering where the teacher was and what happened. As you can imagine that makes both you and the company look bad, so online ESL companies typically have penalties when these things happen.

At Gogokid they operate on a point system, your $ incentives for the month are based on your point total on the last day of the previous month. What this means is that April's pay rate will be based on your score as of March 31st. To get the full incentive, you need to be at 120 points on March 31st. A TNS will drop your score by 5 points. Now what is nice about the point system is that if something happens early in the month you can make back up those points, BUT that last weekend of the month is a dangerous game as you wont have time to get your points back up if something goes wrong.

So how did I TNS a class you ask?? Well......I taught 4 classes on Friday. The third class I entered and no student was there, no biggie, figured it was a student no show so I waited till the end of class and entered my fourth class of the morning. To my surprise later that morning I noticed the third class was marked TNS. Again no biggie, figured there was an error, it happens occasionally. So I sent a ticket with my screenshots showing it was a student no show and assumed it would be fixed.

Sunday morning I received a reply to my ticket explaining that I had re-entered my SECOND class and waited there instead of entering the third class, they provided me with the log showing me the error. I was stunned.....and pissed.....and feeling all the feels. I was not going to be able to get those points back. All of April will now be paid at a lower rate. How could I do something so stupid????

I spent the day Sunday working through the five stages of grief. Denial- There is NO way I did that, the computer system MUST be wrong! Anger-They should have a better system, its their fault I entered the wrong class. If they had a better system in place then this type of thing wouldn't happen! Bargaining- Maybe I can just explain to them that had they told me on Friday I had entered the wrong class I would have had time to add additional classes and make up the point loss? Depression- I can't believe I did this, I am going to take these Oreos and hide in my closet and cry for awhile.

And finally acceptance. I did it. It's on me. It was an honest mistake and has no reflection on who I am as a person or a teacher. It will be okay. Ill open up a few more classes to make up for the incentive loss. Gogokid has been amazingly generous with me thus far and this too shall pass.

So folks whether you made a terrible mistake like me, had an emergency, or just plain slept through your alarm because we get up at ungodly hours and you were tired......its okay. Breathe in, breathe out. Be angry and depressed. Then go do something super nice for yourself because you deserve it. YOU are awesome, awesomely human, and its okay to screw up every once in awhile. What matters is how you deal with it, so pick yourself up and put on those positivity pants because good things will come your way soon!

Have you had a TNS? Tell us about it in the comments so we don't feel so bad about ourselves :)

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