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How I am learning Chinese

About two years ago I decided to take up the challenge of learning some Chinese. Now in order to understand how big of a deal this is let me just say I am HORRIBLE at foreign languages. I had to take Latin for two years in middle school, it was the first ‘D‘ I had ever received in my educational career. Then in high school I picked German because it had a smaller class size and I thought that would help....it didn’t. My parents even paid for me to go on a summer trip to Germany to be “immersed in the language” for several weeks. If it weren’t for other people on the trip I probably would have starved to death due to my lack of ability to communicate anything remotely helpful in German. I’m usually pretty successful at most things I put my mind to, so this has always been a blow to my ego.

When I started teaching Chinese students English and saw how they were able to learn and pick up on the English language with what seemed like relative ease, I decided that I would try this whole language thing again. As an adult surely I could get this figured out. So I bought ALL THE THINGS!! I researched and read blogs and watched YouTube videos from language learners all over the world. Polyglots who were learning languages like nobody’s business. Surely if these people can learn dozens of languages I could learn ONE, right?!

I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the programs, books, apps and audio courses I had purchased. Everyone was telling me something else was the way to learn the language.

Then I came across Yoyo Chinese. This was it! A comprehensive plan, structured lessons with videos, notes, breakdowns that made sense. Yoyo has the ability to connect the Chinese language to the English language so you can make sense of it. She also provides real world conversations in video form so you can actually hear what you are learning from native speakers in a real world conversation.

Yoyo Chinese has 6 structures comprehensive courses available, each one designed to take 6 months to complete. However you can move at your own pace, once you purchase the course you have access to it forever. There are thousands of flash cards, videos and quizzes and Yoyo has a unique way of connecting the Chinese language to what you already know in English. Beginner, Intermediate, upper Intermediate, Chinese Character Course 1 and 2, and Chinese Character Reading course.

I paired the Yoyo Chinese course along with the memrise app which I found to be the best app out there for Chinese and things finally stated to click.

Ive reached out to Yoyo Chinese and they are offering a 15% discount on any of their courses if you use my affiliate link.

**This is an affiliate link so I will make a small commission if you purchase the courses, however this does not impact your cost at all. By using the coupon code teacherbrett at checkout you will receive a 15% discount!**

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