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How can I get an Interview at Gogokid

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

So you have decided to apply for Gogokid, you have used my referral code (4GZJ7GKA) and filled out the basic info section. But now it says there are NO slots available!!!

Don’t panic! In today’s post I will walk you through some tricks to snag an interview slot.

Interview slots are now offered 24/7, several hundred interview slots are offered each week but they fill up quickly. Here is how to get one of those coveted slots:

#1. Prepare for the interview BEFORE trying to book a slot. I cannot stress this enough. If you do not prepare you will NOT pass!! Underneath the interview schedule you will see the lesson slides as well as tips and ESL strategies. If you are my referral you will also receive access to my private website and resources. Make sure you are ready to go before you schedule an interview slot; have props, a secondary reward system, a background, practice using TPR and simple language. If you don't use these things in the interview you will not pass.

#2. Check for slots early in the morning (2-4am EST). The schedule only shows 4 days at a time. The fifth day opens each morning on a rolling basis. So check early in the morning when that fifth day opens.

#3. You can often grab a short notice, same day slot by checking throughout the day and refreshing for 15 minutes at a time. Often times people will cancel and you can take their slot!

#4. If you used me as your referring teacher and are still unable to get a slot within a week, please let me know. I can help!

So are you ready to rock your interview?? Be sure to check out my tips for interviewing here:

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