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Gogokid Hiring Process (Updated Summer 2019)

The Gogokid hiring process hasn't changed that much since they initially streamlined it back in the Fall of 2018, however there are some tips and tricks that I have come across after helping hundreds of teachers get hired.

Here is a quick recap of important points, updates, and changes in the hiring process:

1. Use a referring teacher like myself to help you through the process. Gogokid has gotten more selective about the teachers they are hiring. In searching for high quality teachers they are looking for specific ESL skills to be displayed during the interview. An experienced referring teacher can help guide you and ensure you are displaying those skills.

2. When filling out the basic information on the initial application be sure to use an email address that you will be able to access down the road (avoid work or school emails that may change later).

3. The H1 visa question often causes the system to auto-reject your application. If you are a USA or Canadian citizen you will check NO. You do not need assistance getting an H1 visa.

4. Interview slots are now offered 24/7, several hundred interview slots are offered each week but they fill up quickly. Prepare for the interview before trying to book a slot. Check for slots early in the morning (2-4am EST). You can often grab a short notice, same day slot by checking throughout the day and refreshing for 15 minutes. Often times people will cancel and you can take their slot! If you used me as your referring teacher and are still unable to get a slot within a week, please let me know.

5. After passing the interview you will need to complete an orientation. You will watch a series of videos and take a quiz to show you understand the material. The quiz is lengthy, but if you complete it one section at a time and don't move on until you have answered each question correctly, it is not difficult.

6. Applicants are required to upload documentation after passing the interview and orientation quiz. Applicants must provide proof of identification and ability to work in the US/Canada, this can be a passport, drivers license or birth certificate.

7. REAL ID: If you live in a state with REAL ID's and you did not opt to get one, your license may indicate that it is not for Federal ID purposes. Gogokid will not accept this as proof of identity. You will need to provide one of the other documents or get a REAL ID.

8. Certification- At Gogokid you will be certified to teach trial classes as well as all 6 of their current levels. They have just introduced supplementary courses for the summer, these require a separate certification. After hire you can complete the training and quiz to be certified in these supplemental course classes.

If you are interested in working at Gogokid but haven't yet taken the leap, please contact me with any questions at teachggk@gmail.com or head to my website at www.applytogogokid.com for more information. You can apply directly at Gogokid using my referral link below:

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