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Five tips for your first Gogokid Class

1. Review Trial Lesson PPT's and/or Assigned Lesson: All of the trial class lessons are available on freshdesk. You will likely have many trials to start out with so it is important to review and prepare for all 6 of the trial lessons before class. With a trial lesson, you may be assigned one level and then after assessing the student realize you need to move them up or down to a different level. If you are not for ready for all 6 levels this could cause you to not be prepared. You can also prepare for a regular core class by clicking on the "Lesson Material" button in your upcoming class list. This will provide you with the lesson PPT and the ability to preview the interactive features. Be sure to spend time gathering props that fit the lesson, understanding the lesson objectives, and thinking about way to extend or simplify throughout the lesson to be sure you have accurate pacing.

2. Check Settings in Test Classroom and Enter Early: You can enter the classroom up to 30 minutes before the class time! I highly recommend you do this for your first few classes. When you enter the classroom you can run an equipment test by using the settings button and ensuring your camera, microphone, and headset all work. If they don't you then have time to problem solve. You can play around with the tools and buttons in the classroom to make sure you feel comfortable using them for the lesson. You can even practice teaching while you wait for the student. Don't worry the students will not be able to see or hear you until you press the start button! I do recommend you exit and re-enter about 5 minutes prior to the class just to make sure a trial student wasn't switched out at the last minute.

3. Click START/FINISH button: You must click the start button at the beginning of class. The student cannot see or hear you until you press start. You want to press START even if the student isn't there yet. This is what begins your timer and lets the system know that you are there and you are on time. If you press the START button after 30 seconds into the scheduled class time you can be marked as late and incur a credit score deduction of one point. It is very important to start class on time, remember this is the student and parents first impression of you. We have a limited time in class and every second counts!

4. Use your ESL skills: Props, TPR, Student Output, high energy: This is your opportunity to get a regular student who will keep coming back and booking with you again and again! In order to make that happen you have to WOW the student AND the parent. Be sure the student leaves class wanting to come back and see you again by having fun and using lots of energy, props, and tpr. Be sure the parent feels the student has learned a lot by focusing on having them do a lot of talking in the class and paying close attention to pronunciation.

5. Complete Feedback within 12 hours: Feedback must be completed within 12 hours in order to get full pay. However, this is also another opportunity to sell yourself to the parent. Be sure to let them know all you accomplished during your lesson with the student and provide them with valuable information they can use, such as something they can do at home to help the student with an area they struggled on! It is also a great idea to encourage the parent to leave you positive feedback, other parents will see this and may want to book you too! I like to ask a question that requires a response like "What activities does baobao enjoy? Let me know in feedback so we can talk about them next class!".

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