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Today I want to share with you a super easy breakfast that you can make in large batches and freeze ahead of time: BAKED OATMEAL. My kids love this breakfast. You can add in extras to make any flavor combinations your family likes; chocolate chips, apples, raisins, peanut butter, jam/jellies. This month I made 4 pans of baked oatmeal; one we ate right away and the rest I put into the large freezer Ziploc bags (gallon size) and stuck in the freezer to have later in the month. We made 2 plain, 1 apple cinnamon (using a couple apples that were about to meet their demise), and one batch I stirred in some random pumpkin spice baking chips I found in the back of my pantry during my February cleanout....cause that's how I roll.

The other reason I love this recipe is it is perfect for those of us who are online teachers! I put it in the oven in the 5 minutes between classes, teach a class, and come back and take it out. Now my kids have a hot breakfast before school and I look like a winner because they aren't eating cold cereal for the hundredth day in a row....ahem, cause that would never happen at my house.......okay fine it would. There may be weeks when its cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....my kids really like cereal so don't judge me! But back to the breakfast at hand. Some of my kids like to have it hot with milk poured over it, others like it cold in bar-like form, and I even have one who swears by pouring syrup over it like a pancake. Whatever floats their boat is fine by me! Any that doesn't get eaten after it has been cooked I will cut into bars, put in individual sandwich sized bags, and place in the refrigerator for later in the week as a grab and go type breakfast or shove in the freezer until the mood strikes someone to warm it up.

So let's get to the recipe.



1- 42 oz OLD FASHIONED OATS (not quick or one minute oats!)

2 1/2 cups sugar (White or Brown or combo of both)

18 eggs

2 1/2 cups milk (I use whole milk but any will do--even almond or another alternative)

2 cups melted butter

4 Tablespoons Vanilla

4 Tablespoons baking powder

2 Tablespoons Salt

2 Tablespoons Cinnamon (adjust this to your liking!)

Makes: A LOT.....but at least 4-9x13 pans (if you use a smaller size pan like an 8x8 you will get more)

**Please note: This is a VERY forgiving recipe, so have fun with it. Its the perfect starter recipe for those of you just venturing into cooking in large quantities. You can add chocolate chips, raisins, etc. If you only have 12 eggs, it will still work....just add a little more milk instead. Your kids like things really sweet? Throw in some more sugar. DISCLAIMER: If you totally screw it up don't come back and blame me though, lol. Oatmeal is cheap so you can just try again :)


1. Mix it all together. The order doesn't matter, lets not get all fancy with wet and dry ingredients. Just throw it in there and make some kid mix it for you. They think its fun and you can go get another cup of coffee! #livingmybestlife

2. Separate it into oiled or (if you are like us normal folk) PAM sprayed pans. I try not to fill the pan too high or it will take forever to cook. Ain't nobody got time for that, you've got kids that need to eat. If you are going to freeze it feel free to use a gallon size freezer Ziploc bag instead. Once you seal it AND LABEL IT (so 5 months from now when you finally clean out your freezer you remember what it is...don't worry it will still taste good!) you can stick it in the freezer.

3. If you are cooking now, preheat the oven to 350 and then cook for 30 minutes. If you filled up your pan pretty thick you may need to cook for up to 45 minutes.

4. Cut into squares and serve however you like. If those ungrateful children didn't gobble down that whole pan after you spent all that time making them breakfast because they were in the middle of a fortnite match and couldn't be bothered to step away for 5 minutes and eat....well grab yourself another cup of coffee and enjoy the silence for a moment. Once you have been sufficiently caffeinated place the squares in Ziploc bags or wrap in plastic wrap and stick in the refrigerator or freezer for later. They can be warmed up in the microwave later.

You can check out the video of us making Baked Oatmeal this month on YouTube, be sure to like, comment, subscribe and DO ALL THE THINGS :)

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