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AMAZING PROP/REWARD: Magnetic Whiteboard Spinner and Classroom Update!

Have you heard the news? With the new classroom 3.0 at Gogokid we are losing my beloved spinner tool. I am crushed. The spinner was my friend, it made all the K babies happy and helped me extend classes like nobody's business. I even made an entire card set over on my TpT (Teachers pay Teachers) store that went along with my spinner obsession. Just my luck, by the time I got around to actually selling it on TpT, the spinner went away. But no worries! I have found the solution to my problem.....and dare I say I might like it even more?? Nah...that is blasphemy...I will forever keep my fingers crossed for the return of the spinner.

In the meantime, check out this super awesome magnetic whiteboard spinner you can add to your classroom!!

Head over to my YouTube channel to hear more about how I use this spinner in the classroom for rewards or extension games, coming soon!

The front side is a whiteboard which allows you to get really creative! The back has strong magnets allowing you to place on a magnetic surface or just hold while you spin.

This spinner inspired me to do a complete overhaul of my classroom background as well. I even splurged on a new laptop. I’ll show you the new digs next week ;)

Bonus: It can be used as an awesome parenting tool as well 😂😂

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