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5 Tips for Getting your First Gogokid Class

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

1. Profile: This will be the FIRST thing parents see when deciding to book you as a teacher. Be sure that you spend time on this and choose quality photos and a great introduction video. You want a well written, but simple, introduction paragraph talking about your education and experience. If you want to change your profile send a ticket to Gogokid with the updated information! Make sure you have gotten any additional certifications currently being offered as well.

2. Open your Schedule: This may sound obvious but to get booked you need to open your schedule. Here are my recommendations for what times to open, but in general I recommend opening all the slots you can (being careful to leave breaks in between your schedule in case they all book). Many people hesitate when first starting because nerves get the best of them. The best way to get started is to jump right in! Peak times are times you are most likely to be booked, these are typically 7-9pm BJT. They have a fire symbol in your Gogokid teacher portal. These are great slots to start with! I also have a lot of luck with referrals opening "odd" hours that most teachers aren't opening, think middle of the night when many of us are sleeping. Opening some short notice classes is also a great way to get more bookings, it can seem overwhelming to only have an hour to prepare but here are some tips to make your short notice classes run smoothly.

3. Read the Weekly Update, Join the Official Gogokid Facebook Group and Check Freshdesk: Most of the questions you will have will already be answered in these resources provided by Gogokid. If you haven't yet joined the official Gogokid Facebook group or explored Freshdesk you will want to head over there and do that. You will get a separate log in username and password by email for Freshdesk, this can take a few days. Although Facebook groups in the online ESL world tend to be pretty drama heavy, Gogokid has lots of training and resources available that can be very helpful when first starting out. They even have printable reward systems and characters for you! I recommend heading into the Facebook group or popping into Freshdesk once or twice a week, but don't get dragged into the drama. The weekly update is posted in Freshdesk each Tuesday, this is extremely important to read each week!

Gogokid Character Alex

4. Workshops: As a workshop coach I may be biased, lol, BUT I think Gogokid has some of the best workshops around. Not only are they free but you can earn great prizes and rewards for attending too! You can even earn a special certificate that will be put on your profile for parents to see. They cover a wide range of topics, especially helpful for the beginning teacher. The workshop schedule is located on Freshdesk. You don't need to sign up, just click on the ZOOM link a few minutes before the scheduled time. Zoom is a third party platform so if you have never used it before plan on coming 15 minutes early to get it set up on your computer (you can also use an iPad or smart phone but it is more difficult). You will need to have your camera on for credit, but you will be muted and it is very laid back.

5. Training Class: One of your first classes will be a training class on the Gogokid platform. This class will be booked in one of your open slots. It is often your first class, however students are able to book you before the training. You want to come to the training fully prepared to teach the lesson assigned, just like you would a student. This is an excellent opportunity to get training on the tools and platform as well as practice teaching a class. The trainer will provide feedback for you and answer relevant questions.

BONUS- Obtain a TESOL: If you don't already have a TESOL certificate, now is a great time to start working on one! It is not yet required, but likely will be soon. You can get one here for $19. It usually takes anywhere from 4-20 hours to complete. Once completed you can add it into your profile introduction paragraph!

I hope these tips help you prepare and get booked for your first Gogokid class! The process can seem overwhelming at times, but I promise that after a couple of classes you will be a pro. Do you have any tips or recommendations for our new teachers? Please leave them in a comment below!

Are you still on the fence about applying to Gogokid? Learn more here.

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